Click here to access the project WIKI and video about our Food Pantry Vending Machine Project (Winter 201
Welcome to the Holy Ground Cafe, also known as Room 4 in Cawley Hall.
Remember, it's not about Religion, it's about a relationship with God., through Christ and our relationships with others.

***During the Remote Schooling period, please refer to the Google Classroom (you can now easily access through the new site link above)for all assignments and updates. If you have been absent prior to Friday, 03/13, be sure to read important information posted on the Homework Assignments tab on this site.***

Remember to set up your work space(desk in a common room or kitchen table) with all your class materials this weekend.  
Google Meet schedule: for this course: Mon., Wed., Fri.
Block1: 9-9:45
Block 2: 9:50-10:35
Block 4: 11:40-12:25

***Third Adopt-A-Hallway service project  due: April 20, 2020  No extensions! 
(see modification info in Google Classroom.)
Reminders: It is your responsibility to keep your Journals and Binders updated on a daily basis!

 You should always be prepared for random binder/journal (now known as your digital portfolios) checks and interviews throughout the term.


Our Healthier Option Food Pantry Vending Machine Project is progressing nicely: CLICK HERE for the Project Wiki (Winter 2016)