Click here to access the project WIKI and video about our Food Pantry Vending Machine Project (Winter 2016)
Please participate in the FY Monthly Food Drive Initiative to benefit the food pantry here at SBP.

Welcome to the Holy Ground Cafe, also known as Room 4 in Cawley Hall.
Remember, it's not about Religion, it's about a relationship with God., through Christ and our relationships with others.

***Second Adopt-A-Hallway service project form due: March 6, 2020  No extensions! 
Appointments available starting Monday, February 3, 2020
YES,that means the last appointment to work it is Thursday, March 5, 2020!
Reminders: It is your responsibility to keep your Journals and Binders updated on a daily basis! 
  Use your time wisely during your block.

You should always be prepared for random binder/journal checks and interviews throughout the term.


Our Healthier Option Food Pantry Vending Machine Project is progressing nicely: CLICK HERE for the Project Wiki (Winter 2016)